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  • Stunning accent lighting for AvanTech YOU shining either into the drawer or into the room
  • Can be retrofitted as an option for system height of 101 / 139 / 187 / 251 mm
  • Diffuse light, colour temperature 4000K
  • 1 set per drawer, including 1 rechargeable battery pack
  • Automatic illumination when opening the drawer, switches off when closing the drawer
  • Available in Anthracite and Stainless Steel Finish
  • Available in 270mm to 650mm Depth

Set Comprises:

- 2 LED light sets
- 1 magnet
- 1 rechargeable  battery
1 rechargeable  battery holder, self adhesive
- 1 adapter for steel rear panel
- 3 cable holders. self adhesive
- 1 Micro USB B charging cable
- 1 extension cable
- Fixing materials

*Note that drawer is not included, please order them separately on below link.

AvanTech You Drawer: Link

For more information on installing on Wooden Drawer, do visit Hettich product guide below:

Installation Guide: PDF