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  • GRASS Dynapro TMSC Tipmatic Full Extension Slide, synchronized 40 kg load capacity
  • Integrated, tool-free 3-dimensional adjustment facility
  • Height adjustment +3.5mm
  • Side adjustment +/- 1.5mm
  • Tilt adjustment + 4mm
  • Requires 3D Front locking devices
  • Optional: Dynapro TMSC Tipmatic Set (Push Open mechanism)
    Set requires below items (Click link for more details):
    -Tipmatic Set
    -Synchronization rod

Available Length (in mm/in):

250mm (10") F130107790

 270mm (11") F130107793

300mm (12") F130107796

350mm (14") F130107802

400mm (16") F130107808

450mm (18") F130107814

500mm (20") F130107820

550mm (22") F130107826

600mm (24")

700mm (28")


For more information on the slide, do visit the links below: