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Selling Quantity is Per Box

Box Quantity = 300pcs


GRASS TEC Soft-close 108° 5/8" (864-VS8-45U)

  • Soft-close damper is pre-mounted in the hinge cup
  • Adjustment switch to regulate closing action
  • 1 set of Hinge and Plate
  • 3 Dimensional Adjustment
  • 11mm (7/16") cup drilling depth
  • Front locating tas position hinge on face frame
  • Cam side adjustment
  • Cam depth adjustment
  • Height adjustment at mounting screw


Item #: TEC Soft-close 108° 864-VS8-45U 5/8" SM A-SC- F01995A-15
Door Style: Full Overlay
Mechanism: Soft Closing
Application Angle: -
Material: Steel
Brand: GRASS