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HELMINTIN Helmiprene 4545 Spray Grade Contact Adhesive - Clear (Light Brown)

    • Excellent green strength and high heat resistance for postforming application
    • Fast drying with a long open time
    • Excellent spray characteristic
    • Lamination of High Performance Laminate (HPL) to particleboard
    • and/or MDF core materials in the fabrication of store fixtures, millwork,
    • cabinets, work surfaces, decorative panels and similar products
    • Lamination of a wide range of porous and non-porous materials to themselves 
    • and each other including, but not limited to: HPL, melamine,
    • wood veneer, decorative metal overlays, ,decorative plastic overlays,
    • foam, fabric, some rubbers, some plastics.OK
    • Suitable for posforming applications
    • Coverage/Gal: 310 ft² @ 1.8 dry grams/ft²; 155 ft² completed bond
    • Open Time: 60 minutes
    • Working temperature: 18º or warmer (Best results use above 22ºC)
    • Color: Clear (Light Brown) or Red
    • Packaging: 5 Gallon Pails (19L)
    • Standard: LEED
    • Product Data Sheet : Link
    • Safety Data Sheet : Link