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Item: INOXA® COMBI Peanut Shape 
Used as: Blind Corner
Swing Out: Right or Left
Minimum Interior Width: 32" or 34"
Minimum Interior Opening:

16"(32" Width) or 21½" (34" Width)

16" Min. Internal Opening LEFT XCB-845L (WHITE)/ XCB-845LAR (GRAPHITE)

16" Min. Internal Opening RIGHT XCB-846R (WHITE)/XCB-846RAR (GRAPHITE)

21½" Min. Internal Opening LEFT XLM-005L (WHITE)/ XLM-005LAR (GRAPHITE)

21½" Min. Internal Opening RIGHT XLM-006R (WHITE) / XLM-006RAR (GRAPHITE)

Capacity: 20kg each tray
Finish: White or Graphite
Brand: INOXA Made in Italy
  • Option: For Soft Close, need to add 2pcs of Device XCB-450S(white) or XCB-450SAR(Graphite) for each COMBI set