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Item #: JOWAT-1 Jowat 288.60 Natural hot melt pallets 20kg/bag
Item #: JOWAT-1 Jowat 288.61 White hot melt pallets 20kg/bag


The all-rounder adhesive can be applied smoothly at slow as well as at fast feed speeds. The good joint-filling properties of Jowatherm® 288.60 easily even out differences in the particleboard surface and ensure high-quality results. Jowatherm® 288.60 is also available in a white-coloured version, Jowatherm® 288.61.



  • All-rounder adhesive for straight edges.
  • For bonding thermoplastic edgebands, HPL, CPL, as well as edgebands made from resinated paper, solid wood and veneer.



For direction of use, application or specifications kindly refer to below data sheet link: