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Fittings for max. door wing weight of 25 kg with self closing feature

With Bottom Guide, 600 mm

  • Set of fittings contains all the parts required for 1 folding sliding door with 2 wings
  • Set of fittings can be used for standard folding door application without opening mechanism
  • Set of fittings can be used in combination with Pull to move Silent
  • Running and guide components with spring assisted self closing feature
  • Running and guide components with tool-less fast installation function

Set comprises:

  • 1 running component, 25 kg max, with self closing feature
  • 1 profile set with bottom guide, 2400 mm (Screw mounting positions predrilled)
  • 1 guide component with self closing feature
  • 4 folding door hinges
  • 2 positioning aids, centre hinges
  • 1 running component cover
  • 2 door dampers
  • 1 stay open element
  • Fixing screws

Items for Left= HTT-9239310, HTT-9237852, HTT-9238121
Items for Right= HTT-9239310, HTT-9237890, HTT-9238124


  • Cabinet body hinges with self closing feature must be used with this set of fittings. Recommendation: Sensys 8645i opening angle 110°
  • The stay open element must not be used when fitting Pull to move Silent